Save over $6000 a year using Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are more affordable than tobacco cigarettes and thats a given as you can save over $300 a month just by switching to an electronic cigarette is you used to smoke a pack of normal cigarettes a day. Starter kits and e-juice are just so cheap not to mention that its also a lot healthier than smoking. E cigs are very cheap and thats obvious but in this article we will show you how to save more money with a few simple tips and tricks.

Now in Australia a pack of smokes cost around $16-$18 a packet and always going up, so an average smoker will spend $7000 or more a year!. Using electronic cigarettes the normal spend for a kit that should last around 4 months would be around $80 to $100 and that includes a lot of extras like spare atomizers, cases and other extras, the e-juice is very cheap at around $25 for a few month supply so even a heavy vapor would expect to spend around $700 to $1000 a year which would include a few new electronic cigarette starter kits, around 20 atomizers and depending on how heavy they vape a few hundred dollars of juice. So a smoker’s first year’s savings will be around $6000 or more!.

In my own experience of smoking for 25 years at i would have spent around $100,000 on cigarettes as they were not always so expensive yet at todays price it would have spend closer to $200,000 which is the price of a house in many suburbs and in some a large 4 bedroom house.

Many people dont use e-cigs as a way to give up smoking as they enjoy the process and have come very accustom to the habit over decades and now they prefer e cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes and due to the massive improvement in health but they save a lot of money when compared to a normal cigarettes. I have found it to be a win win as i love a few beers with friends after a hard days work and this was always my downfall when tiring to give up smoking but now not only can i vape as if it was the same a a cigarette but the best part is i can sit in the pub and vape without having to go outside with the smokers as electronic cigarettes are not the same as analogue cigs due to the fact they dont burn tobacco or emit smoke.

The new interest in e-cigs starts mainly amongst smokers tiring to giving but i find like myself as a ex smoker that enjoys the simular process along with the money saved and improved health i cant see myself ever putting down my e-cig any time soon and i love not being subject to anti-smoking legislation.

The best tips for saving even more of your cash once you are using e cigarettes would be:
By bulk e-juice and see if you can get a discount the same goes for parts like atomizers as many sites offer discounts or freebies if you spend over a certain amount and if they dont it can be worth asking if you are willing to buy in bulk.
Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to join things like your favourite e cig sites newsletter to get the latest deals and info. Many sites have exclusive deals and special offers to customers that sign up for newsletter or for liking them on facebook and other promotions they may run, this allows you to save more money and time.

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